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The Release

Creating Safe Spaces To Live And Be Well


 I am Trishna Monplaisir, a licensed professional Social Worker (LMSW), with over 14 plus years of experience working and managing staff in the non profit sector. I specialize in empowering and supporting people who struggle with stress, anxiety, effective communication and more. I'm passionate about creating safe spaces for professionals and students to work through emotions while helping them to live and be well. We offer workshops, well-being coaching programs and individual support services. 


Our Mission

The Release Program believes that every individual should experience community and soul care within safe spaces where mental wellness practices are embedded. We understand that our social, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being can be impacted by what's happening in our environment. Our mission is to help create safe spaces through workshops and wellbeing sessions where students and professionals can learn how to live and be well.


The Release Program offers different programming and workshop options that can be customized based on your needs:

Well-being Sessions

We offer virtual and in-person well-being sessions that  focuses on emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. Individual and group well-being coaching sessions are available.


We facilitate in-person and virtual workshops to companies and schools, focusing on mental wellness. Topics that can be covered include mindfulness, stress management, self-care and more

Social Work Support For Women of Color

 we provide support to social workers and social work students of color through quarterly in-person and virtual wellness sessions focusing on community and emotional care.

Paige Woods, Associate Director of Black Girls Smile, Inc.

"It has been such a pleasure working with Trishna and the Release Program on a variety of programming for Black Girls Smile. From the facilitation of our mental health literacy workshops to curating her own 'Experience Community and Soul Care' series for the Black Girls Smile community, Trishna delivers expert-care and guidance. We're excited to continue working with Trishna as she embodies the thoughtful care and support that we value as an organization."


Your contribution to The Release Program helps us to give:

  • Social Workers who are women of color, a scholarship to pay for their licensing exam

  • Free in-person and virtual well-being sessions

  • Resources to schools and organizations to help their students and staff live mentally well lives.

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